Hotel Management Software

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Hotel Management Software
Powerful IBMS Software for Insurance Brokers & Agents
POS Inventory (Duka Bora).
MedVet Software for Veterinary Clinics
Fixed Assets Accounting

Custom Software Developers

Empowering your business With Custom-made Software Applications.

If you’re just finding out about SoftTrends Solutions, we’d like to welcome you to our site and introduce you to our area of expertise in software development.

At SofTrends, we design software products to meet your exact requirements. SofTrends offers a personalized service, and will work with you to create the bespoke solutions that you need for your business.

Custom Software: The cornerstone of our business

Custom made software gives you more freedom in functionalities. Other important aspects are the flexibility and the easy way software applications can be used. By using custom made software you can really distinct yourself from the competition.

Our unsurpassed customer support and team of dedicated professionals has made SofTrends Solutions today's premier choice for most business offices.

If you’re looking for solutions that help you work effieciently, minimize work loads, optimize staff, reduce paper-work, centralize business data, you are in the right place.

IT Consultancy: Support Services

SofTrends provides consulting services, hardware installation and maintenance support services.

Anti Virus Clean up services
Computer Hardware Troubleshooting
WAN & LAN Network Installations and Troubleshooting
Printer Servicing
General computer maintenance support

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